Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Angel Locsin as Darna

Darna, Mars Ravelo’s original Filipino heroine, has undoubtedly become a Philippine icon. She’s flying to new heights after changing the world of television, breaking record audience share and maintaining a 40 percent rating.

Now the Pinay heroine, who was conceived 55 years ago, is out to conquer other lands.
Other actresses have donned the shiny red suit – Rio Locsin, Sharon Cuneta and Vilma Santos. But it was Angel Locsin’s portrayal that endeared millions of current fans.

“I still have a lot to learn,” Locsin said when she started the project. She said she had to keep watch of her ego to maintain her humility.

More than the privilege that came with the role was the challenge to give justice to it and please Darna’s legions of fans.

Locsin had to learn wushu, kung-fu and other fighting techniques even as she mastered the art of flying and display Darna’s superpowers.


vhien said...

angel locsin is one of my favorite actress, she has a a perfect body and nice shape face. Sana angel makita
ka ng personal ng pamangkin ko,ang kulit na bata paborito ka niya simula noong mulawin until naging darna ka at sempre hanggang nangyon.
sana makita kita sa personal

Jerald Lester said...

Hi angel.. Happy 21th B-day.. Wish you all the best in life, especially in your career being an actress.. You're so humble unlike to those on showbiz.. hope you read this message.. thanks.. its me.. Jerald Lester Aguilar..

Anonymous said...

angel locsin is original darna in our generation no one can replace you in our hearts!


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